Advanced Bartending Course

Advanced Bartending Course

4 days for just € 800

Become a professional bartender in an inspiring 4 day bartending course.

Advanced Bartending Course

Admission Requirements:

  • You must be over the age of 18
  • B2 or higher english language skills

Are you curious about how you could develop your skills as a bartender? Would you like to be let in on the secrets of perfect cocktail making? Then you are at the right place! The Bols Bartender Academy offers you an unmissable chance to be among the best bartenders. Whether you are already familiar with the world of bars and have some experience in bartending or you have never made a cocktail in your life, either way the advanced bartending course is highly recommended for you.

About the Advanced Bartending Course

The course covers 4 days of training, which lasts 2×4 hours per day. During this time you will learn from highly qualified experts who teach you every useful trick to become a professional. They will hand you in depth knowledge of mixology, spirits and cocktail making. Besides all this, they will also give you practical advice about bartending, like how to be self-confident and feel comfortable in your job.

At the course you will certainly experience a lot of inspiration and become part of a good team. While learning together in these 4 days you can make contacts with other participants who have the same interests as you. After completing the course you will receive an excellent qualification that definitely improves your CV which in turn will bring in the best job offers you can imagine.


In the Advanced Bartending Course you will get access to the e-learning material of the training provided by the organisers. E-learning is a special way of acquiring knowledge.The main idea is that the attendees get the material thematised and divided for every day, so the daily material always includes a small part of all topics. After completing a day you can take a test in order to see your development. After you are finished with learning, you will always have the chance to refresh what you have already learned.

The Bols Bartending Academy

The course belongs to the Bols Bartending Academy of Amsterdam, which is one of the most respected bar schools all over the world. Since the foundation of the academy in 2007 thousands of bartenders have been trained and made  ravishing careers for themselves thanks to the qualification gained through attending Bols Academy. However, Amsterdam is not that close to the Central-European regions. If this is the reason, why you might not be wanting to apply for the course then we have good news. The Bols Bartending Academy also has an establishment in Budapest,Hungary. Here you get the exact same training from well-qualified masters and you don’t have to travel across the whole continent.

Why should you choose BOLS?

  • Bols offers you international learning material, which is acknowledged worldwide.
  • You will get up-to-date information about the actual cocktail trends
  • The Bols certificate opens the door to an international career
  • Bols courses ensure you perfect conditions and environment to develop your competence
  • By completing this course you will surely have a great chance to work in the most renowned bars, hotels or even ships.

Price of course

The full price of the Advanced Bartender Course is € 800/180.000 Ft (for 4 days), which also contains the e-learning material and handouts. 

What are you going to learn?

  • How to have confidence in yourself behind the bar
  • How to handle guests
  • How to make classic cocktails
  • How to work quickly and efficiently

Short course schedule

  1. Basic introduction to the world of drinks
  2. Communication with guests
  3. Let’s get to know our place of work! – What do we find in the bar?
  4. Drink pouring techniques
  5. Standard and special cocktail mixing
  6. Developing taste and pallet 
  7. Practise – showcasing the gained knowledge
  8. American Bartending training – learning new grips and movements like the “free pouring” technique
  9. Barista training – How to make coffee in the bar
  10. Practicing and preparing for the exams

Advenced Bartender certificate

At the end of the Advanced Bartending Course you will have to take a final exam. This consists of two parts: theory and practice. In the event that you successfully pass the exam you will receive a bilingual international degree from the Bols Bartending Academy.

Group courses

If you would like to come with a group of friends or colleagues you can contact the organisers to book a private bartending course!


In Hungary the seat of the Bols Academy is located in Budapest.

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