László Metzger

Bartending Practical Insturctor

My name is László Metzger, I started my hospitality career about 10 years ago, since then I’ve worked in almost all positions related to bartending, and at the moment I’m managing the bar of a private members’ club in Budapest. From the first time I worked in a bar I greatly enjoyed being in contact with guests and mixing classic cocktails and after a while, creating my own signature drinks as well. I feel lucky, because in the past years bartending became not just my job, but my profession and career also.

Teaching and education has always been highly important to me: at university I studied to become a teacher in Hungarian language and literature, despite the fact I never worked in that field, training and teaching colleagues has been a major obligation and real passion for me. Leaving my original field of work was not easy though, I could not make it without proper education and training — I feel it’s time for me to take the chance and share my knowledge with the future generations of the bar world. I feel honored to be a part of this team, and I will be providing the best and most useful tuition possible.

Ferenc Hyross

Advanced Bartender Insturctor

I was born in Budapest and raised in the countryside by benedictine monks. My favorite topics are bartending history, sustainability and modern bar techniques. I used to work as a bartender at Black Swan Budapest and as a bar manager at Felix Kitchen & Bar. Now I’m the head-bartender of Barside Bar & Gin Store. I’ve participated in multiple (20+) competitions and attended most of the workshops and masterclasses held in the last few years in Budapest. Apart from bartending I worked in literature and I have a BA degree in Psychology.